St Annes Old Links

Old Links Trophy Round 1

Sunday 1st May 2022, White Tees, St Annes Old Links

(95% handicap allowance)

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]x
1st Graham Donohoe(4)  The Chase70
2nd Mark Hartwell(8)  Poulton Park70
3rd Matt Swift(8)  The Chase70
4th Andrew Gray(9)  Royal St Davids Golf Club71
5th Jon Lawrence(8)  Haydock Park Golf Club71
6th Danial Naqvi(3)  Littlestone71
7th ALAN RATHBONE(6)  Hart Common Golf Club72
8th Paul Ashton(3)  Ashton-under-Lyne Golf Club72
9th Richard Buck(4)  Baildon73
10th Kevin Vamplew(9)  Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club73
11th Steven obrien(7)  Formby Hall Golf Club73
12th Ryan Procter(5)  Colne74
13th Andrew Bond(8)  Furness Golf Club74
14th Steve Mellor(9) 74
15th Jevan Goddard(5)  Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club74
16th Craig Bennett(7)  Hindley Hall74
17th Duncan Fisher(6)  Haydock Park Golf Club75
18th Dickie Corrin(9)  Rowany75
19th Liam Houldsworth(9)  Keighley Golf Club75
20th David Swarbrick(8)  Ulverston Golf Club75
21st RORY MATES(8)  Hillside75
22nd Craig Wilson(6)  Burton-on-Trent75
23rd Daniel Procter(4)  Stockport76
24th Andy Smith(9)  Stockport76
25th Andrew Fish(9)  Clitheroe Golf Club76
26th Ian Houldsworth(9)  Shipley Golf Club76
27th Darren Guy Bradshaw(8)  Haydock Park Golf Club76
28th Dale Spencer(9)  Formby Hall Golf Club76
29th Stephen Goddard(9)  Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club77
30th James Vaile(9)  Manchester Golf Club77
31st Peter Young(7)  Didsbury Golf Club77
32nd Mr David R Young(3)  Didsbury Golf Club77
33rd Paul Towers(9)  Ulverston Golf Club77
34th Stuart Williams(8)  Wigan78
35th Stuart Morgan(8)  Herons' Reach78
36th Daniel Brown(7)  Retford78
37th Tim Green(6)  Stockport78
38th Paul Greenwood(9)  Bury Golf Club78
39th Paul Holindrake(6)  Branshaw79
40th Andrew Knowles(9)  Skipton Golf Club79
41st Mark Taylor(9)  Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club79
42nd Liam McNulty(3)  Furness Golf Club79
43rd Loui Bovis(5)  Stockport79
44th John Hughes(5)  Lee Park Golf Club79
45th Phil Richardson(8)  Formby Hall Golf Club79
46th Carl Rushton(5)  Formby Hall Golf Club79
47th Andrew Mooney(5)  Stockport79
48th David Brett(7) 80
49th Andrew Travis(9)  Haydock Park Golf Club80
50th Alan Cummings(9)  Haydock Park Golf Club80
51st Ian Hayes(4)  Haydock Park Golf Club80
52nd Tim Heald(8)  Stockport80
53rd Peter Burgess(8)  Houldsworth Golf Club81
54th Dan Hetherington(3)  Eaton (Chester) Golf Club81
55th Tom Hickmore(9)  Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club81
56th Steven Grylls(5)  Stockport82
57th Steven Walker(9)  Formby Golf Club82
58th Mark Dean(5)  Crosland Heath Golf Club82
59th Steve Birt(6)  Marriott Worsley Park Golf Club82
60th JP Carr(5)  Preston Golf Club82
61st Timothy Saville(6)  Fairhaven Golf Club82
62nd Todd Byrom(6)  Bidston83
63rd Mark Smith(8)  Portal84
64th David Ward(4)  Ashton & Lea Golf Club84
65th Andrew Wilson(4)  Crosland Heath Golf Club86
66th Ross Gregory(9)  Stockport86
67th neil collings(4)  Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club86
68th James Wheatley(9)  Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club86
69th Paul Traynor(9)  Whalley86
70th Graham Torkington(5)  Stockport87
71st Dale Corrin(9)  Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club87
72nd Dan Branson(9)  Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club92

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