St Annes Old Links

Old Links Trophy 2020

Sunday 13th September 2020, White Tees, St Annes Old Links

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Nett LeaderboardR1 CSS 73R2 CSS 74TotalPar
1st David Young Didsbury Golf Club (4)6874142-2
2nd Matthew Brooks Ashton-in-Makerfield Golf Club (3)7471145+1
3rd Gareth Murrell Malton & Norton Golf Club (6)7471145+1
4th Robert Phenna Formby Hall Golf Club (7)7174145+1
5th Conor Beasley Hinckley (4)7571146+2
6th Jake Walmsley Blackpool North Shore (9)7375148+4
7th Paul Radcliffe Ashton-under-Lyne Golf Club (6)7375148+4
8th Carl Rushton Formby Hall Golf Club (5)7177148+4
9th Daniel Brown Retford (9)7574149+5
10th David Ward Ashton & Lea Golf Club (6)7475149+5
11th Chris Massey Macclesfield (3)7376149+5
12th Andy Smith Stockport (8)7773150+6
13th Matthew Tranter The Chase (6)7674150+6
14th Chris Wilde Bramhall Golf Club (8)7575150+6
15th Stuart Yorston Wollaton Park (7)7080150+6
16th M Weatherill Mowsbury (6)7774151+7
17th Mark Hartwell Haigh Hall (6)7774151+7
18th Paul Taylor Kirkby Lonsdale Golf Club (6)7774151+7
19th David Whitehouse Beau Desert Golf Club (5)7774151+7
20th Aaron Wood Bramall Park Golf Club (3)7477151+7
21st Andrew Sheard Pleasington Golf Club (8)7180151+7
22nd Richard Russell Kirkby Lonsdale Golf Club (5)7577152+8
23rd John Hughes Lee Park Golf Club (4)7677153+9
24th Ryan Procter Colne (5)7876154+10
25th Chris Priestley Macclesfield (6)7777154+10
26th ian Houldsworth Shipley Golf Club (8)7678154+10
27th Andrew Jameson Fairfield Golf Club (5)8075155+11
28th Richard Issitt Rugby (9)7778155+11
29th James Somerside Ealing (6)7977156+12
30th Ryan Green Pontefract & District (4)7977156+12
31st Phil Richardson Formby Hall Golf Club (6)7878156+12
32nd Andrew Fish Clitheroe Golf Club (9)7779156+12
33rd Tim Heald Stockport (7)7779156+12
34th James Routledge Kirkby Golf Club (8)7680156+12
35th Rob Bunting Hallamshire Golf Club (5)8077157+13
36th Steven obrien Formby Hall Golf Club (7)7879157+13
37th Ross Stevens Knott End Golf Club (8)7979158+14
38th Neil Forster Didsbury Golf Club (4)7880158+14
39th Alexander Wood Hesketh (6)8079159+15
40th Steve Richardson Knott End Golf Club (6)8377160+16
41st Graham Donohoe The Chase (3)8080160+16
42nd daniel branson Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club (7)8080160+16
43rd Andrew Fitzpatrick Keighley Golf Club (3)7783160+16
44th Richard Ward Macclesfield (3)8279161+17
45th Graham Torkington Stockport (7)8180161+17
46th Greg Cave (6)7884162+18
47th J Sumner Southport Old Links (7)8084164+20
48th Ross Gregory Stockport (8)8778165+21
49th Paul Docherty (5)8680166+22
50th Peter Young Didsbury Golf Club (7)NR71  
51st richard buck Baildon (4)70NR  
52nd Stephen Goddard Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club (9)72NR  
53rd David Brett (7)76NR  
54th Stephen Kirk Pleasington Golf Club (8)75NR  
55th Daniel Brookbanks Hartlepool (4)NR76  
56th Liam Houldsworth Keighley Golf Club (7)85NR  
57th Kevin Vamplew Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club (7)NR78  
58th Ian Harbey Newark Golf Club (9)NRNR  
59th Paul Christopher Pleasington Golf Club (8)NRNR  
60th Keith Knight Keighley Golf Club (9)NRNR  
61st Paul Andrew Kilburn Hartlepool (6)NRNR  
62nd M. Wilson Colne (9)81NR  
63rd Mark Wakelin Rugby (9)NR81  
64th Steve Shore Newark Golf Club (5)79NR  
65th Steven Grylls Stockport (5)84NR  
66th Dave Southern Fleetwood Golf Club (6)75NR  
67th Rick Howarth Pleasington Golf Club (9)79NR  
68th James Wheatley Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club (9)NRNR  
69th Andrew Mooney Stockport (5)8585+13
70th Daniel Bladen Fleetwood Golf Club (8)77WD  

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