St Annes Old Links

Old Links Trophy 2022

Sunday 1st May 2022, White Tees, St Annes Old Links

(95% handicap allowance)

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1R2TotalPar
1st Graham Donohoe The Chase (4)7476150+6
2nd Jevan Goddard Melton Mowbray (5)7973152+8
3rd Mark Hartwell Poulton Park (8)7875153+9
4th Richard Buck Baildon (4)7776153+9
5th Ryan Procter Colne (5)7975154+10
6th Steven obrien Formby Hall Golf Club (7)8075155+11
7th Paul Ashton Ashton-under-Lyne Golf Club (3)7580155+11
8th Danial Naqvi Littlestone (3)7482156+12
9th Carl Rushton Formby Hall Golf Club (5)8474158+14
10th Craig Bennett Hindley Hall (7)8177158+14
11th Jon Lawrence Haydock Park Golf Club (8)7980159+15
12th Matt Swift The Chase (8)7881159+15
13th Tim Green Stockport (6)8476160+16
14th Peter Young Didsbury Golf Club (7)8476160+16
15th Daniel Procter Stockport (4)8080160+16
16th David Ward Ashton & Lea Golf Club (4)8873161+17
17th Mr David R Young Didsbury Golf Club (3)8081161+17
18th Liam McNulty Furness Golf Club (3)8280162+18
19th Andrew Gray Royal St Davids Golf Club (9)8082162+18
20th Andy Smith Stockport (9)8578163+19
21st RORY MATES Hillside (8)8380163+19
22nd Duncan Fisher Haydock Park Golf Club (6)8182163+19
23rd Steven Grylls Stockport (5)8777164+20
24th John Hughes Lee Park Golf Club (5)8480164+20
25th Craig Wilson Burton-on-Trent (6)8183164+20
26th Stuart Williams Wigan (8)8679165+21
27th Darren Guy Bradshaw Haydock Park Golf Club (8)8481165+21
28th Andrew Wilson Crosland Heath Golf Club (4)9076166+22
29th Mark Dean Crosland Heath Golf Club (5)8779166+22
30th James Vaile Manchester Golf Club (9)8680166+22
31st Dale Spencer Formby Hall Golf Club (9)8581166+22
32nd Andrew Fish Clitheroe Golf Club (9)8581166+22
33rd Ian Hayes Haydock Park Golf Club (4)8482166+22
34th Andrew Bond Furness Golf Club (8)8284166+22
35th Daniel Brown Retford (7)8582167+23
36th Paul Holindrake Branshaw (6)8582167+23
37th Dickie Corrin Rowany (9)8484168+24
38th Dan Hetherington Eaton (Chester) Golf Club (3)8484168+24
39th David Swarbrick Ulverston Golf Club (8)8385168+24
40th Todd Byrom Bidston (6)8980169+25
41st Alan Cummings Haydock Park Golf Club (9)8981170+26
42nd Andrew Knowles Skipton Golf Club (9)8882170+26
43rd Stephen Goddard Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club (9)8684170+26
44th Liam Houldsworth Keighley Golf Club (9)8486170+26
45th Peter Burgess Houldsworth Golf Club (8)8982171+27
46th Mark Taylor Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club (9)8883171+27
47th Steve Birt Marriott Worsley Park Golf Club (6)8883171+27
48th JP Carr Preston Golf Club (5)8784171+27
49th Loui Bovis Stockport (5)8488172+28
50th Phil Richardson Formby Hall Golf Club (8)8786173+29
51st Ian Houldsworth Shipley Golf Club (9)8588173+29
52nd Graham Torkington Stockport (5)9282174+30
53rd Andrew Travis Haydock Park Golf Club (9)8985174+30
54th Tim Heald Stockport (8)8886174+30
55th Paul Towers Ulverston Golf Club (9)8688174+30
56th Kevin Vamplew Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club (9)8292174+30
57th neil collings Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club (4)9087177+33
58th Tom Hickmore Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club (9)9088178+34
59th Paul Greenwood Bury Golf Club (9)8791178+34
60th Ross Gregory Stockport (9)9584179+35
61st Dale Corrin Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club (9)9684180+36
62nd Paul Traynor Whalley (9)9585180+36
63rd David Brett (7)8796183+39
64th Steven Walker Formby Golf Club (9)9193184+40
65th Dan Branson Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club (9)10194195+51
66th Stuart Morgan Herons' Reach (8)86NRNR 
67th Mark Smith Portal (8)92NRNR 
68th Timothy Saville Fairhaven Golf Club (6)88NRNR 
69th James Wheatley Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club (9)95NRNR 
70th Steve Mellor (9)83NRNR 
71st ALAN RATHBONE Hart Common Golf Club (6)78NRNR 
72nd Andrew Mooney Stockport (5)84NRNR 

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